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Design Review

If you are interested in the benefits that assisted moulding processes can offer but do not know if your component is suitable we offer a design review service.

Two review services are available:


Basic design review

This service is free of charge. The review provides an indication of the suitability of the component for an assisted moulding process, an indication of the best process to be applied and a quotation for flow analysis if applicable.

To complete this review we will need the minimum of a drawing or a number of pictures or screen dumps of the component. Some basic dimensions and details of the production material and surface finish requirements.


A detailed design review

This review is chargeable and typically cost £200.00 or €240.00 or $320.00. This charge is refundable against any flow analysis or equipment order completed.

This review is detailed and is best completed from a 3D model. Drawings and pictures can be used but detailed dimensions will be required.


Other information required for the review:

> Production material

> Surface finish

> Surface finish requirement

> Number of cavities

> Feed method

> Target cycle time

> Annual production quantity

The report will include:

> The suitability of the component for the given assisted moulding process

> An assessment of the capability of the target cycle time

> The process proposed

> A breakdown of the process sequence

> The changes required to optimise the design

> The gas nozzle required

> The gas injection equipment required

> A quotation for flow analysis

> A telephone or video conference to discuss the findings and discuss options after the report has been delivered

This service can be offered for all of the assisted moulding process on offer.

If a 3D CAD file is sent it must be in one of the following formats:

> .stl
> .igs
> .stp (step)


To take advantage of this service please contact us.