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Golf Cart Canopy

Golf Cart Canopy

Services Completed:

> Initial design review describing the best process option for manufacture.

> Proposal for the gas channel layout and design.

> Recommendation for component design changes to optimise for process.

> Gas analysis of the Canopy as Short Shot Moulding with the use of multiple gas nozzles and overflow wells.

> Presentation of the results and discussions during a visit to the USA based moulder and toolmaker. On-going discussion and advice via web conference.

> On-going support during the tool design process.

> Specification of the gas generation and injection equipment required for production.

> Detailed information provided to the toolmaker for plastic gate locations, gas injection nozzle location and design, overflow method and overflow design.

> Process support in the USA at the toolmaker for initial trials and tool proving.

> Process support in the USA during production trials at the moulder.

> Gas injection equipment and process training of the moulders production personnel.

> Gas injection process and design training for the moulders design and development staff.